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Feb, 2021

Baseball Positive - Batting &Pitching Classes

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Classes Begin Feb 20 and 28

Pitching and Batting Parts 1 & 2

NEW! In-season Batting Workout

Classes Run February Thru May

Baseball Positive is offering outdoor pitching and batting classes and Zoom batting classes.

In-Person Pitching begins Feb 20
In-Person Batting begins Feb 28
Zoom Batting begins Apr 9
Batting Parts 1 & 2; Pitching Parts 1 & 2; Apr 11

Part 1 and Part 2 of Batting and Pitching are available. Pick your class, Sign-up Today ...and pass the word to friends, family and teammates ...simple as clicking the Forward button above.

Class Descriptions are below Schedule & Registration.


Schedule & Registration

Program Duration --> Four, 1-hour lessons

PITCHING - In-Person @ Lower Woodland Park
Dates: Feb 20, 27, Mar 6 (Saturdays) - $107
* 2:00pm – 3:00pm --- Part 1 REGISTER
* 3:00pm – 4:00pm --- Part 2 REGISTER

BATTING & PITCHING - In-Person @ Lower Woodland Park
Dates: Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 21 (Sundays) - $127
* 3:20pm – 4:20pm --- Batting, Part 1 REGISTER
* 4:20pm – 5:20pm --- Pitching, Part 1 REGISTER

Dates: Apr 9, 16, 23, 30 (Fridays) - $107
Start Times listed are Pacific Time
* 3:40pm – 4:40pm --- Batting, Part 1 REGISTER
* 5:00pm – 6:00pm --- Batting, Part 2 REGISTER

* 6:20pm – 7:20pm --- Batting, Part 1 REGISTER

BATTING & PITCHING - In-Person @ Lower Woodland Park
Dates: Apr 11, 18, 25, May 2 (Sundays) - $127
* 11:00am - 12:00pm --- Pitching Part 1 REGISTER
* 12:00pm - 1:00pm ----- Batting Part 1 REGISTER
* 1:00pm - 2:00pm ------- Batting Part 2 REGISTER
* 2:00pm - 3:00pm ------ Pitching Part 2 REGISTER

Program Duration --> Eight, 25 min sessions
Dates: Apr 27, 29; May 4, 6; 11, 13; 18, 20 (Tues & Thur) - $127
Start Times and detailed program description available on the Baseball Positive website: Online Batting Lessons Page


Coach & Parent Reviews - Pitching

Hour for hour that was easily the most instructive time my son has had in his baseball life. You made pitching so simple, but it was all there. – Harlan, Coach and former Little League President

Mark has been able to relate the mechanics of pitching in a way that my son could understand.- David B, Dad

The players learned simple fundamentals that really improved their pitching skills …Later, I saw dads showing others what they had learned. - Keith, Coach and former Little League President


Pitching Part 1 - The Delivery

Teaches all aspects of an efficient, powerful, and accurate delivery. How to utilize the entire body to maximize velocity and minimize chances for arm soreness or injury. Demystifies technique, which is quite elementary. Instruction is easy for players to grasp and follow. Includes all information kids need to pitch successfully at the youth level of play.


Pitching Part 2 - Off-Speed Pitches

and Pitching Skill Mastery

The Cutter (a safer ‘curve ball’) is taught in-depth. The Curve Ball and Slider are introduced and taught how to be thrown safely. The Change-up and both versions of the Fastball are refined; additional drills are taught. Continued improvement of the delivery is a constant focus..

Preparation to pitch: pre-pitching warm-up, the mental aspect and pitching strategy. The concepts from Pitching I are developed further.

RELEASE POINT -‘Feel’ and mastery. Proper Release Point is critical for safely and successfully throwing off-speed pitches.

CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE - Kids learn how to practice their delivery correctly and with a purpose. Repeating the same motion each pitch is important for arm health, better pitch location (accuracy) and not to tip-off which pitch they are throwing.

FUNDAMENTALS - expectations are raised for execution of each part of the delivery. Fine tuning mechanics is a major emphasis.

ADVANCED DRILLS and TEACHING - improving arm action and generating greater power.

PREPARATION - Proper warm-up, mental approach, and strengthening the arm

Same benefits as Pitching I: Home workout program, Instructional Guide for all participants, etc.


Coach & Parent Reviews - Batting

Thanks for being a great coach, Mark! I feel Evan has learned a lot from you, his swing has definitely improved and also his self confidence. Hope to see you around. Thanks - Fred, Dad

What a great resource. Excellent help - particularly for guys that have been coaching for a while to learn the right way! - Todd, Coach

I heard multiple kids give raving reviews! …one of the kids parents later said quote, ‘your bat speed has improved by 20 percent’ …the Dad said it was clearly noticeable! - Quinn, Coach


Batting Part 1 - THE SWING

Teaches the entire Batting Swing, mindset, a purposeful, productive approach to practice, and utilizing the entire body to maximize power and bat speed for a consistent, accurate swing.

Individual Guidance is provided following the four lessons. Each player receives tips on aspects of their swing that need correction and points of focus for their practice time between lesson.
Program Notes are provided prior to, and following, each lesson: key points for mastery; pictures & video supporting all instruction.
Workout Plan for drill and swing work between lessons. The between-lesson aspect ensures maximum skill development during the program. Workouts are short in duration and designed to align with the mindset and perspective of a young player.
Instruction Guide - Provided to each participant, at the conclusion of the program, for continuing their development.
Coach Development - 'How to Teach Batting to Kids’. The class demystifies the swing and simplifies coaching hitting. Learn a logical, building-block process of presenting information to kids, so they Get It! Easy for a player to digest, apply to their practice time, and translate their training to batting success on the field.

Batting Part 2

- Driving the Ball to All Fields

The ability to hit the ball to all fields increases a player’s batting average, reduces strikeouts, and makes the transition to playing at higher levels easier. This class introduces the techniques and training approach to develop this important trait of a successful batter.

Contact Point - hitting the ball to different parts of the field, with authority, involves contacting a pitch in different points in the strike zone.
Identifying Pitch Location - learn to recognize if a pitch is a strike or a ball
Hand Path - developing a more accurate swing
Overcoming Fear of Being Hit - technique for getting hit safely; mental aspect
Live Batting Practice - tips for productivity
All extras provided in Part 1

Batting Part 3 - Swing Refinement

> Fine Tuning Skills

Swing Discipline - advanced drills and practice techniques | Multiple contact zones
Contact Points - hitting pitches that are Up or Down in the zone... “60’ line drive"
Mastery of Driving the Ball to All Fields - Improving extension through contact point
Bunting - technique simplified; sacrifice and bunting for a hit: both sides of the diamond (first base and third base)

> Advanced Batting Approach

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