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NWSLL Coaches use the Game Changer App to manage team schedules, personnel, attendance, stats, and communications for the season. A great benefit is that this App is available for iOS and Android so you can make scheduling a snap right from your smart phone. Below you'll find some tips, tricks, and suggestions for Coaches, Parents/Guardians, Scorekeepers, and extended family/friends. 


Go to the Game Changer website where you'll find links to download the app on iOS or Android. Click the Game Changer button below to go there.

Below you'll find the basics for both Coaches and Parents/Guardians. If you'd like to learn more about the app that isn't covered on this page please check out the Game Changer Help Center


When to use it...
You can use this app for any age league division and it becomes more important as players get older. At the AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors it becomes a must for scheduling and communicating changes in schedule. 

How to use it...first time setup...
Once you have the app you'll create a login if you don't have one already. Use the same email address you use with the website. A one-way connection exists between the website and the Game Changer app so you can save some time and import your team personnel when getting setup. You'll want to click the + (Plus) sign in the upper right-hand corner and choose Import Sport Connect. If the email matches with our website it should automatically prompt you to import the team details into the app*. 

*Please note the GameChanger App doesn't communicate back to our website so once you import your team in the app you should conduct all team management from the app. There is no need to make any updates/changes to schedules or personnel on the nwsll website once you are using the app. 

After you import your team you can then proceed to use the app for all team management. There can be 4 total 'team admins' in the GameChanger app for your team. This will come in handy for coaches, assistant coaches, and scorekeepers. You can add/remove admins easily if your scorekeepers change from game to game. You can do this by selecting the person in the app you want to update. Update them in the Team Roles section. You can add or remove someone from the 'Staff' Team Role which is considered an Admin. You can do the following in the app.

  1. See players, you can also update their profile with jersey numbers, pictures, etc. 
  2. See players parents/guardians
  3. Add Events - such as practices and games. Make sure to include details like location, time, and any additional notes. You have the option to alert the team when you add/update events. If you are adding many events at once you might opt to skip the per-event communications and just communicate w/the team after adding all the events. 
  4. Message and chat with the team parents/guardians.
  5. Add additional parent/guardian contacts into the team.
  6. Check planned attendance for practices and games.
  7. Share pictures/stories with messaging. 
  8. Scorekeeping - your team scorekeeper can use the app to keep the scorebook. It's a fun and convenient way that allows you to keep track of the entire game, share the real-time game updates with family and friends who also use the app. Fans can keep an eye on the game in real-time if the scorekeeper is using the app. A great way for family and friends who can't be at the game to be involved. 
  9. Stream video of the game in real-time
  10. Track team stats if scorekeeping is done in the app. 
  11. View opponents team players/schedule/scores


Please use the app for the following...
  1. See the schedule for practices and games. 
  2. Indicate attendance for practices and games. Coaches rely on this to ensure they have enough players for a game.
  3. Communicate with the coaches and other parents/guardians with the messages function. There is a general team message thread and you can individually message coaches and other parents/guardians.
  4. Update your player's picture in the app (optional)
  5. See replays of the game if they were scored in GameChanger. 
  6. Sync the team schedule to your native phone calendar app. You can do this by clicking the settings gear within your team and choosing Schedule Sync.

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